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Welcome to our new website! – A Note to All Clients

If you live in Canada and you currently have an account under Anabellina.com then please close the account and re-open a new one on this website as Anabellina.com is now in USD.
After launching Anabellina.com in August 2021, Excitables Inc., made a major decision one year later and split the website into two websites. Anabellina.ca is now for our Canadian clients while Anabellina.com is now for our US & International clients. All prices on Anabellina.com are in USD while the prices on Anabellina.ca are in CAD.  Some of our clients might remember out first website in 1999 and how we used to deal only in USD. We switched to CAD one year after the store opened in 2003.  This change is a bit of a return to what we once did. 
Some of the new website features include:
  1.  Bilingual – French support. (Has been dropped for the time being as it resulted in major speed issues and load times.)
  2. Local Ottawa area curbside pickup option
  3. Paypal has been added
  4. A Buy Now button beside each product has been added.
  5. Moneris has been dropped due to major problems on their end and Elevon payments has replaced it.
We hope that everyone enjoys both websites.
Thank you.

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